Leading Cyber Security Firms For Five Essential Cyber Needs

Leah Goldberg

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In a perfect world, every organization in need of Cyber Security would have a fully-stocked in-house security operations center, one with just the right mix of defensiveness and proactivity, rendering phrases like data breach and DDoS attack irrelevant, making it unnecessary for Cyber Security companies to be contracted or hired.


Well, actually, in a perfect world, organizations wouldn’t need Cyber Security at all because there would be no such thing as Cyber Crime and everyone would be too busy eating peanut butter cookies.


Unfortunately for us all, with the current Cyber Security workforce shortage both of those perfect world scenarios are equally unlikely, so here are some of the leading Cyber Security companies for protecting organizations in the current threat landscape.



Leading Organizations for Managed Security Operations Centers


CYREBRO by Cyberhat: Some organizations have great Cyber Security pieces in place and just need a little supplemental help. Some organizations…do not, and for those organizations, never fear, CYREBRO is here. CYREBRO offers SOC as a service complete with multi-layer monitoring, alerts in real-time and 24/7 incident response and management as well as intense hacking simulations from international experts in cyber warfare. You can contact CYREBRO at their New York or Tel Aviv offices.


Capgemini: Organizations are under attack NOW, so if you need a managed SOC fast, you need Capgemini. A long-time IBM partner, Capgemini enables organizations to essentially establish an SOC out of the box, and with a flexible and tiered range of managed services, every organization can get the protection it needs. Their head office is located in Paris, but they have global offices.


Trustwave: The decision to use the initialism, ASOC (advanced security operations center), instead of plain old SOC may seem like an eye-roller, but Trustwave backs it up with their SpiderLabs team, leading threat intelligence, big data analytics and comprehensive security automation tools. They are located in Chicago, Sao Paulo, London and Sydney.


Leading Organizations for Pen Testing/Ethical Hacking


Parameter Security: Penetration testing and/or ethical hacking are Cyber Security services for organizations with data, systems and databases that need to be protected, no compromise possible. It involves the dirtiest strategies currently used by black hat hackers. Parameter Security are total pros at thinking and acting like hackers, mounting real-world attacks that efficiently, creatively and comprehensively put systems and networks to the test. They are located in St. Louis.


Rhino Security Labs: This is a firm that has demonstrated its commitment to doing anything to protect its clients by hiring Hector Monsegur, one of the most notorious reformed black hat hackers who once hacked the likes of Sony and Newscorp. With team members like Monsegur, clients can be sure their systems are being tested with the worst of the worst. They are located in Seattle, Washington, USA.


RedTeam Security: RedTeam Security conducts attack simulations that put hardware, software, facilities and employees to the test for organizations interested in the benefits of ethical hacking who squirm at the idea of actually being hacked, even ethically. They are located in Minnesota.


Leading Organizations for Database Protection


Imperva: With its industry-leading solutions for data management and 15 years of experience in data protection and compliance, Imperva has fine-tuned its offerings to provide real-time protection against everything from Ransomware and targeted external attacks to insider threats without impacting business processes, an absolute must at the enterprise level. They are located globally from Tel Aviv to London and California. Their headquarters are based in California.


Oracle: Sometimes, you just want a big name, and in databases Oracle is one of the biggest. Oracle uses a combination of preventive and detective security measures including database activity monitoring, encryption key management, transparent data encryption, privileged user and multifactor access control, consolidated auditing and reporting, data classification and discovery and data masking, and it’s all top of the line. They are a global organization. Their headquarters are in California.


Gemalto: With their SafeNetProtectDB offering transparent, column-level encryption of structured and sensitive data including social security numbers, account numbers and credit card numbers, Gemalto rocks enterprise-level security – especially with their strong emphasis on compliance. They are located worldwide and their American headquarters are in Texas.


Leading Organizations for Cloud Security


CipherCloud: With an emerging technology it can be nice to put your faith in a company that’s been doing it for quite a number of years, and that’s CipherCloud. This isn’t an organization relying on start-up funding or at risk of reorganizing or restructuring, they’re just here to ensure smooth adoption, security, control and compliance in the cloud with their industry-leading encryption, like they always have. They are located in Australia (Sydney), United Kingdom (Reading), Japan (Tokyo), India (Hyderbad) and their headquarters are located in the USA (Silicon Valley, California).


Netskope: On the other hand, if you like the idea of a hot new company in this emerging technology, you’re going to want to check out Netskope. One of the few remaining dedicated cloud access security brokers, Netskope is one of the most exciting names in cloud security and they’re reaping the benefits, like $100 million in Series E funding. They are located in California.


Fishtech Group: This is the firm for organizations going all-in on the cloud. Fishtech Group has announced a cloud security operations center – a purpose-built SOC for the cloud that easily integrates with leading cloud computing services like AWS, Azure and Office 365. Their headquarters are in Kansas and they are also located in Virginia.


Leading Organizations for Incident Response


Raytheon Cyber: If saying “if it’s good enough for the Department of Homeland Security, it’s good enough for us,” about your organization seems appropriate, then Raytheon Cyber is the cyber security firm for you as the Department of Homeland Security has signed a $1 billion deal with Raytheon. If preventive measures have failed and a worst-case scenario is occurring, this is the firm you want in your corner. They are located in Massachusetts.


RSA: Getting an incident dealt with quickly, effectively and comprehensively is obviously a must when it comes to incident response, and RSA has that covered. What they also have covered is close ties with law enforcement and government agencies that can help ensure perpetrators actually get punished – a more satisfying outcome to be sure. Their world headquarters are in the USA (Massachusetts), United Kingdom and Singapore.


An Imperfect World


There’s no denying that we’re all living in an imperfect world when it comes to cyber threats and the lengths organizations have to go to in order to protect against data breaches, ransom ware, spear fishing and other devastating attacks. After all, without the right cyber security teams, services, solutions and companies in place, many organizations will rapidly be taken from this imperfect world and into a dystopian future.


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